Restaurant Website Design: Boost Orders with Great Design

Get more diners in the door and boost online orders with a beautifully designed restaurant website. We create user-friendly, stunning sites.

A table full of food at a beautiful restaurant. A great image to accompany our blog article on restaurant web design.

As a team of passionate designers (and food enthusiasts!), we know how a well-crafted website can make a world of difference for your restaurant. Let’s discuss restaurant website design with great resources to help you. Beyond a beautiful design, the right website empowers you to attract more diners, streamline reservations, and boost those all-important online orders.

General Restaurant Businesses Improvement Tips

We found the website Modern Restaurant Management an excellent resource for restaurant business owners looking to improve. This website covers various topics for restaurant owners, with a good mix of practical advice and trend analysis.

The Recipe for Success: Experience and User-Focus

At Song Han Collective, we don’t just create websites; we understand the unique needs of the restaurant industry. Our experience designing for restaurants of all sizes means we know what works aesthetically and functionally.

A List of Restaurant Website Design Tips & Tricks

Your website should be an extension of your hospitality. Let’s list a few restaurant website design tips and tricks to get you on your way. Here’s how we ensure a seamless dining experience starts online:

  • Tempting Visuals:  Mouth-watering photography or videos of your signature dishes instantly make an impact. We ensure your menu looks as good on-screen as it looks on the plate.
  • Effortless Navigation:  No one should have to hunt for your hours or reservation system. We prioritize intuitive menus and clear calls to action that guide diners effortlessly from browsing to booking.
  • Easy Updates = Happy Chefs (and Customers!)  We know your menu might change with seasonal ingredients or special events. That’s why we build you a website that gives you the power to make updates quickly. No coding degree is required!
  • Online Ordering Made Simple: A smooth online ordering process is critical for those nights when dining-in isn’t an option. We’ll integrate with your preferred system to make takeout and delivery a breeze.
Mobile views of website designs we have done for a previous client. Showing we are able to boost restaurant reservations & orders with great design.
Examples from our past work for restaurant website design.

Great Restaurant Website Design That Works as Hard as You Do

Your website isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it project. We’re in it for the long haul, offering support and guidance to ensure your website evolves with your business. Please think of us as your friendly, neighbourhood, tech-savvy sous chefs!

Hungry for a Change?

If your current website leaves you feeling underwhelmed, it’s time for an upgrade. Discuss how a strategically designed website can help fill those tables, streamline orders, and create loyal, happy customers.

Contact Song Han Collective today, and let’s get cooking!

Bonus: Want More Tips for a Standout Website?

A well-designed website is just the beginning! We’ve compiled a FREE guide with even more actional tips to help your restaurant website shine.

An example page from our free pdf guide to help boost restaurant reservations & orders with great design.
Here is a sample page from our Free PDF Guide on how to boost your restaurants website.

Get insider secrets on creating a website that attracts new customers and keeps them returning for more!

Download our “10 Tips to Boost Your Restaurant’s Website” and get ready to make the most of your digital presence.

Photo by Luisa Brimble on Unsplash

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